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How should I train during lockdown?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

If you’re anything like me, your body feels just a few years older than it should. I’m 23 but due to lifting heavy, and playing sport for my whole life (as well as having colitis and doing Jiu Jitsu everyday) my body at times can feel 73.

I’ve tried not to let it, but at times this will stop me from lifting for weeks at a time. I know how I can fix this, but until we entered lockdown, and I didn’t have the temptation to train either in the gym, or at my Jiu Jitsu school, I simply never set aside the time to do so.

If you’ve heard the parable of ‘the wise and the foolish builders’, you’ll know that you should never build your house on the sand. The same is true for our bodies, we need a strong stable foundation on which to build our strength, which in turn will increase your potential for strength and decrease your susceptibility to injury.

The beauty of the gyms being shut down, and most of us not having our normal access to heavy weights or people to choke is the face that we all have spare time to focus on the most basic, and most overlooked principle of training. Building the FOUNDATIONS for strength.

What makes the foundation?

There are 4 pillars to building a solid foundation. These are Stability, Mobility, Flexibility and the ability to easily perform Bodyweight Exercises with perfect form. As simple as each of these are, they must not be overlooked before starting a resistance training programme.

So grab some resistance bands, stand on one leg, and master the pistol squat in this time off of lifting. I’ll be updating my blog over these next few weeks, and writing as much as I can aboht each subject to make sure you have a good platform to start from.

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